Bankruptcy Consulting

When a company is overwhelmed by its situation and cannot continue to operate, its options are very limited. However, if the company has a solid core business, it can survive and eventually prosper, but it will need help.


One option that a company must consider is Bankruptcy. In Bankruptcy, the company is given the time needed to restructure without having creditors constantly hounding it. Additionally, in Bankruptcy operations can be restructured, sales efforts can be expanded and operational costs can be improved, leading to a company that can generate profits and cash flow and, ultimately, survive.

But Bankruptcy is a complicated and difficult process that should not be undertaken lightly. Waypoint Resources and its principals have extensive experience in the Bankruptcy process.

Here Is How We Can Help:

We can assist troubled companies in many areas including the following:

Jack Devlin, one of our principals, is an approved Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee. We provide integrated assistance to address the complex problems facing a business as it navigates through and seeks to emerge from bankruptcy. Or, if the company cannot sufficiently restructure to emerge from Bankruptcy, Waypoint can assist with the orderly liquidation of assets in order to maximize value and minimize the personal costs to the owners of the business.