Our Principals

Founded in 2001, we are a team of professional managers dedicated to helping companies get back on track and maximize their results. Our professional, independent perspective allows us to develop integrated solutions and assist in their implementation.


Carl R. Knoch

Carl is an experienced business consultant with over 30 years of experience. He specializes in assisting companies improve revenue generation through improvements to their sales and marketing efforts. He works with both troubled companies and growth companies to improve their top line.

Carl has extensive experience in both the product and service sectors. Much of his experience has involved the marketing of new technology to customers. He has also assisted companies with identifying market opportunities and developing offerings to capitalize on them, revitalizing sales and marketing programs to increase sales volume and developing cost effective sales and marketing programs to improve customer acquisition costs.

Carl headed the implementation of automated teller machine networks at financial institutions beginning in the mid-1970’s. He was Vice President of Marketing at Provident Bank of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland. He served as Vice President of Marketing at MicroProse Software in Hunt Valley, Maryland where he was instrumental in the establishment of that company’s web site in 1995. He also developed a number of forecasting models for the software industry that are still in use today. While with Claritas Corporation, Carl consulted with Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Citi Bank, First Chicago and Wells Fargo. He also authored a quarterly publication on financial service marketing research.

For the past ten years he has been providing sales and marketing consulting to both troubled and growth companies. Carl holds a BS in Marketing and an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University.